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Air compressor MS1312

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Air compressor MS1312

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  • Release date:2019/11/27
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Name: multi-function vehicle inflator

Performance characteristics: model MS1312

Operating voltage: DC12V

Authorized power: 180W

Operating current: 15A

Pneumatic: 100 psi

Traffic: 35 l/MIN

Power line length: 3.65M

Total length of trachea: 70CM

Silicon steel sheet: 60 pieces

Bore: 30 mm

Weight: 1.95KG

Product size: 225*100*180

Accessories: fuse, three accessories, battery holder, cloth bag

Packing number: 8PCS

Quality: 3 kg

Type of power supply: cigarette lighter power supply

Material: metal

Color: black

Note: do not use this product on large truck tires to avoid burning the fuselage.

The motor has the strong inflation function, can complete the tire inflation in a short time.

In order to extend the service life of the product, the aeration time shall not exceed 30 minutes.

This product has the characteristics of high power, quick inflation and low noise.

Different air nozzle can be used for tire, motorcycle, ball and so on.

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