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In summer, how to train safely, please focus on tyre pressure

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In summer, how to train safely, please focus on tyre pressure

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In summer, how to drive safely, please pay attention to tire pressure

The ancients said: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.We should take good care of our tires while taking good care of our cars.No matter how good the engine or chassis performance of your car is, it must be the contact between the tire and the ground to show, and the incorrect tire pressure will lead to the performance of the car can not fully play, heavy will lead to the tragic death of the car.

Statistics show that about 70 percent of major highway traffic accidents in China are caused by burst tires.A flat tire and the reason causing factors, improper tire pressure first - a growing number of accidents show that with a high quality high performance vehicle air compressor is essential, provides a guarantee for safety, dream, to provide you with the best quality car air compressor, there are other consulting problem can sweep qr code, get in touch with us, serve you wholeheartedly.

A frequent occurrence of flat tires in summer

High temperature and high speed are the culprits

Summer is a high season for flat tires.The overall performance of the tire is affected by air pressure, load, speed, road conditions, ambient temperature, etc.And the reason why the frequent summer tire blowout, nature and high temperature can not get rid of the relationship.

High temperature hit in summer, the tire is affected by thermal expansion and cold contraction, accompanied by the overall expansion, as well as the increase of internal air pressure, tire tire swelling become thin, easy to cause the tire burst.

In addition to the higher air temperature in summer, the ground temperature will be significantly higher than the temperature.The direct contact between the tire and the ground will not only reduce the heat dissipation efficiency, but also generate a lot of heat due to friction, resulting in excessive tire temperature, which also increases the probability of tire burst.

In addition to the temperature of this external factor, the owner of their own improper driving is caused by the tire is another culprit."When the temperature reaches 35℃ to 37℃ and the speed of the car reaches a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour, it is easy to have a flat tire accident."Xu weiqiang, a professional technician from dianchefang, said: "as the temperature rises in summer, some road rage people will become irritable, accelerating and braking sharply, which will reduce the 'capacity' of the tyre, aggravate the wear of the tyre and increase the instantaneous pressure, thus causing a flat tyre."Overloading and prolonged driving also increase the chances of a flat tire.

B standard tire pressure may not be reliable, tire pressure too high too low is not good

The official tire pressure, on every car.These labels are usually attached to the side of the driver's door or the back of the fuel cap.Many car owners feel that the standard tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer is the most reliable, considering that the manufacturer did a lot of research and development and testing of the tire pressure standard out of the factory when the vehicle research and development, all mistakenly think that this is to ensure the best state of the vehicle driving tire pressure.But what it really means is the maximum tire pressure that a tire can withstand.

Since the official figures from the manufacturer are not reliable, how can you set your own tire pressure in the summer?Many car owners have doubts, according to the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, the air inside the tire in the hot temperature is easy to expand, tire pressure is too high cause tire burst;Another theory is that the tire pressure is not easy to be low, because the deformation of the tire wall causes heat damage to the inner layer of the tire wall wire, the hardness decreases and causes the tire to burst.

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Too high or too low tire pressure is harmful to driving.Excessive tire pressure will not only increase the risk of tire burst, but also make the middle part of the tire contact the ground in the form of protrusion, the whole car grasp the ground significantly reduced, in the emergency braking time will not provide enough friction.

And tire pressure is too low will bring two consequences: one is to make the tire both sides of the outer edge contact the ground, unable to make the whole tread contact the ground, wear the tire, shorten the tire life;Another is to increase fuel consumption, affecting normal driving speed.Inside the tyre there is a lot of cord to hold the tyre together.Under the condition of insufficient tire pressure driving especially the road surface is very bad, because the tire will produce irregular deformation, leading to the tire internal cord deformation, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of fracture.In addition, the driving process, the rise in tire temperature, the possibility of puncture will increase.

Appropriate tire pressure, not only conducive to our ride comfort, but also to the safety of the great guarantee.In real life, how to determine the tire pressure of your car should consider seasonal factors, loading load, road conditions, tire pressure measurement environment and other factors.

For this reason, mengsen electrical appliances suggest that you can choose according to the actual use of the vehicle, if the daily use of a person only their own more, adjust to the tire pressure standard of no load is good;If you often have to travel with a full load, adjust the tire pressure to a full load.The tire pressure of car tire is generally 2.3-2.8bar, as long as it is within this range, it is safe.However, due to the high temperature in summer, the tire pressure in the normal range may rise to more than 3.0bar after the car starts running.Therefore, the range of tire pressure in summer is between 2.3 and 2.5bar.

Source: youth times author: reporter cao xinyi editor: gao tingting

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