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Mengsen vehicle charging pump power access

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Mengsen vehicle charging pump power access

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Car tire inflator pump is the use of on-board power supply, on the tire inflatable electrical appliances.The input power is 12v-15a.There are two kinds of access,

A cigarette lighter access

Power transfer clamp

This kind of access method is suitable for single cylinder inflator pump, suitable for vehicles with small displacement, because the power is more suitable and convenient.

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Battery access

This kind of two-cylinder vehicle inflating pump is suitable for high-power vehicles, such as minivans, buses, off-road vehicles with high bearing capacity and large displacement.A power converter is required to connect to the battery for use.

Research and development background

Because the tire pressure is not uniform and caused by accidents from time to time, visible at any time to maintain the tire pressure is not negligible.High speed driving, the occurrence of tire explosion phenomenon, mainly due to low tire pressure and tire pressure caused by too high.

With the continuous increase of domestic cars, the shortage of oil resources and the rise of oil price, reducing fuel consumption has become the primary issue for every car owner.The pressure of the tire is very exquisite, low or high pressure will increase fuel consumption, reduce the service life of the tire.Therefore, in the car has a "high accuracy, inflation fast" air pump, will be more labor saving, worry saving, money

Product characteristics

1, the use of direct drive strong big motor, no gear friction noise, a short time to complete inflation.

2, steel machine, super pressure, super durable, ensure continuous inflation;Stainless steel air tight valve, high quality output pressure.

3. Super long 5m power cord, high quality high-pressure air pipe (with copper connector).

4, with a complete set of inflatable nozzle, suitable for tires, rubber boats, air cushion, inflatable toys, ball inflatable and other various purposes.

5, oil-free design, clean environmental protection.Equipped with overcurrent anti-impact safety piece to ensure safe use.

6, high quality, small size, easy to carry and storage.

Pay attention to

1, when using, please start the car engine, to enhance the power and do not lose the car battery power.

2. This product cannot be inflated on the tires of large and heavy vehicles, such as trucks, trucks, buses, etc.

3, this machine is only limited to dc DC12V 14A power supply, if you want to use alternating current, must add a transformer.

4. Do not exceed normal use, that is, continuously inflate multiple tires.It is recommended that no more than two tires be inflated at a time.Otherwise, the machine will overheat and burn out the internal parts.

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