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Metal car inflator pump six features

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Metal car inflator pump six features

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The product has the following six features:

1, the inflation speed is fast, the filling capacity can reach 35 litres per minute, ordinary car tires 1.5 to 2 minutes can reach the standard air pressure.Equipped with accurate pressure gauge, so that your air pressure more standard.

2, all metal structure, durable, service life up to 5 to 8 years, compared with the plastic inflator pump and yuan on the market, a very different nature, plastic inflator pump inflatable speed slow, limited by time, easy to get a cylinder for more than five minutes, and life is short, metal car air compressor was not found these defects.

3, simple operation, easy to use.Plug it directly into the cigarette lighter to inflate the tire.

4, small size and easy to carry into the trunk do not touch the space.

5. Low noise, lower than 70 db when working.

6, wide range of use, the pump is also equipped with three inflatable head, can also give rubber boat, ball, inflatable bed, life buoy and other inflatable.

Scope of application:

Applicable to cars, off-road vehicles, sports cars, commercial vehicles, suvs, MPV, van and other models, but also to rubber boats, life buoy, ball inflatable.

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