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The exhaust condition of the mini car inflator is different

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The exhaust condition of the mini car inflator is different

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First of all, we should make clear the use of the mini car inflator.If you just use a miniature air pump to pump out compressed air.Simply put, it is only used to pump, inflation, the pump is basically not the mouth.This case is relatively simple, according to the output pressure from large to small order of optional: PCF5015N, FAA8006, FAA6003, FAA4002, FM2002, FM1001.Of course, also refer to the flow index and other relevant technical parameters.

In practical application, the exhaust condition of the micro-car inflator is different.The three accessories are used for inflating the boat, inflatable bed, inflatable toy and so on.Manual pump: use manual pump 1.Dry clothes: wash or dry-clean your clothes before putting them in a compression bag and fold them into a storage-friendly bag.

This air pump, light and portable, easy to use, inflating speed is much faster than the imagination, although not every day, but a long time, this money will be saved, but also can be prepared from time to time.How to determine whether the tire pressure gauge equipped with it is accurate? I bought a tire pressure gauge myself. After comparison, the tire pressure gauge is almost the same.

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