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The Frankfurt exhibition in Shanghai has come to a successful conclusion

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The Frankfurt exhibition in Shanghai has come to a successful conclusion

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Frankfurt auto show Automechanika was born in 1971 on the Rhine river in Germany.After forty years of unremitting efforts and pursuit of Frankfurt company, it has finally become the world's leading brand in the auto parts industry.Subsequently, the Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD., in the ninety s and the early part of this century began to transplant the brand to the global auto market the most strategic position and development potential of the region, now, nine exhibition is rooted in four continents have been branded with the "Automechanika" this is a symbol of the seal of quality assurance, for foreign enterprises to enter the local market and thus provides a good foothold.

As the world's leading auto parts exhibition, it will showcase the latest developments in the automotive industry, auto parts, components and systems, automotive electronics, maintenance and after-sales services, as well as future environmental protection and energy recycling themes.Professional audience - whether from the production workshop or service station, from trade or automobile manufacturing enterprise, no matter as the owner or operator of the enterprise, can be found here they expect auto parts, accessories and repair equipment suppliers, and get the industry development of the cutting edge of science and technology information and ideas, and in the future competition environment.Today, Automechanika is becoming a platform for outstanding and innovative enterprise communication in the automotive industry.

On December 2, 2015, our company participated in the Frankfurt exhibition in Shanghai (Shanghai international automobile spare parts, maintenance testing and diagnostic equipment and service supplies exhibition) and successfully concluded on December 5, 2015.

In this exhibition, our company's products have been unanimously praised by the majority of customers, regardless of appearance, quality and service have been affirmed by everyone.At the same time, our products have attracted a number of foreign customers with their unique appearance.Our company is adhering to the "heart to do quality, meaning to do service" attitude, will make the product "dream sen" characteristics.We will continue to work hard to make our products better and provide users with a better experience.

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