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Standard range of supply for air respirator inflator pumps

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Standard range of supply for air respirator inflator pumps

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Our company is a well-known enterprise specializing in the operation of air respirator inflator pump, the company is based in shandong, looking across the country, the products cover the whole province of shandong, after the use of users, have been unanimously praised.

Humanized main control panel, located in the upper part of the unit. Unique dial-a-pressure (D.A.P.) outlet Pressure gauge and switch for quick and simple adjustment of outlet Pressure and automatic start/stop

Intake filter

Hydraulic protection

The timer

External oil level mirror with drain hole

Reliable motor supply

Oil water separator (automatic drain

Pressure stabilizers provide optimal gas supply

Activated carbon, molecular sieve, carbon monoxide absorption molecules constitute the triple respiratory air purification system reusable filler cylinder can be easily replaced

Final safety valve

Intake filter

Shockproof pressure gauge per stage

Operation manual spare parts manual

4 sets of bottle valve vent hose

MCH special synthetic lubricating oil

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